Decentralized Finance Utilization

Working Model

Minting Rewards

ROYAL holders receive their token minting reward on annual basis up to 22% according to their deposited tokens in ETH-supported wallets. Minting rewards are constant as a yielding process and could be increased or decreased by holding the tokens in wallets. Token holders do not need to use their GPU’s or other computational methods to farm or stake the ROYAL tokens and the process of yielding and rewarding would be managed by direct minting from the main smart contract address.

Liquidity Supplying Rewards

By adding and increasing the liquidity on UniSwap, ROYAL token holders will receive their instant rewards and would be able to do a pair with Ethereum using a decentralized exchange platform without need to pay any extra charges. Adding the ROYAL liquidity is a part of the minting rewards process and token holders would be able to optimize the yields of minting by adding the main asset liquidity. ROYAL pair with ETH is accessible by adding the liquidity to its pairing link on UniSwap:

Profit Perspective Plan

DurationMedian Minted TokensMedian Investment Profit
Q4 202010,00012%
Q1 202110,00015%
Q2 202110,00015%
Q3 202110,00018%
Q4 202110,00018%
Q1 202215,00021%
Q2 202215,00021%
Q3 202210,00021%
Q4 202310,00021%
Total Minted Tokens: 100,000Annual Median Profit: 18%

Pre-Sale Token Distribution

Soft Capital: 200 ETH

Hard Capital: 2000 ETH

Maximum Supply: 100,000 ROYAL

Presale Price: 1 ROYAL ≈ 0.02 ETH

Governance Strategy

Once a token distribution is made, Token holders will govern the platform to ensure the democratic assets distribution amongst the token holders who are the platform’s real investors.


    Road Map

    • The first step was proposed in March 2020 by Prof. Edward Anderson, the founder and director of FT Cambridge to initiative, develop and accelerate a DeFi aligned token for boosting the pair and swap processes on Ethereum’s main network.
    • Technical essentials were being drafted, discussed and implemented by the technical partner of Royalium initiative, FT Cambridge during April, May and June 2020. Using the capabilities of ERC-20 tokens to support the Royalium initiative was the most considered target of the technical implementations within the period.
    • The initial draft of the Royalium’s white paper was written and revised in July 2020.
    • The initial steps of marketing development and business strategies were been planned and designed since August 2020 until September 2020.
    • In October 2020, the minted tokens have been deployed successfully with the maximum supply of 100,000 tokens in the market after burning the remained deployed tokens in the main smart contract. At the same time, providing an initial liquidity and creating a swapping link on UniSwap decentralized exchange have been applied.


    FT Cambridge is a member of Rise London contributes as a technical partner to manage and support the blockchain and decentralization process.

    British Capital Limited is a Hong Kong based incorporation aims to support the Royalium token initiative by market analyzing and feasibility staging.